Monday, 20 May 2013

Epic - Gift your kid a movie, to imagine...

When was the last time you went to a movie with your family? 

Epic, the recently released animated movie is something which you got to watch along with your kids/Family. Every frame in this movie puts you into mesmerizing state. There's nothing called impossible for these creative brains... 

Passion to prove the intuition, effort to bring the family together, brave souls to keep up the promise, turning attitude from being careless to responsible, end of evil... And finally the message pointing out its one world family and everything is connected :) ah!!! and the happy ending pointing to - the hard times are just temporary and are meant to evoke our true nature. 

Probably the best gift for your growing kids If you could watch along with them. It's when you discuss with them the role of every character, they might start thinking of the right and learn to inculcate the best for themselves... Let them find the truth in doing good and being good :) 

Ultimately it is the #Sambhrama what actually matters. 

Do tell us your experience.

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