Monday, 21 October 2013

Importance of Storytelling.....

Story telling is an ART that should be cultivated by all parents.There is a treasure of joy for the storyteller and a heritage of good that the innocent tiny listeners can gain from the story that is told to them.Children can be readily held in attention only by the mesmeric enchantment of the rhythm in the movements of the theme of the story.

While listening to the story a child is in a different mode.Children are thrilled by their love for the fantasia.Their imagination lights up and their wide eyed joys are kindled.Children are at such moments in the very lap of Nature gliding on incredible patterns surging in their own hearts.

The very story in the growing child will by itself instill the great truths and higher values of life as time passes on. .Implementation of various modes of story telling enhances their creativity and the kids enjoy and celebrate it even more.Tell,never teach a story!!! Children learn more by a story well told then what we teach them through a story. 

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