Monday, 4 March 2013

Sambhrama - The Vision behind this dream

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul", says Addison.Education is the face of the society which reflects the impact on every segment in the society.Education,in actual terms is not restricted to just teaching a person basic academics but it is a symbol of freedom wherein the person is allowed and encouraged to express,explore,apply and realize his/her standpoint and dreams. There is a strong link between a healthier society and the right system of education. The knowledge adapted and the way it was grasped were the features of education we received in early days.Though the basic foundation of education is one’s own home, yet the schooling system, the methodology used there adds an extra value in building one’s own personality.

Rat-race in the field of education has deep rooted to such an extent wherein the child who is suppose to play in the evenings is enrolled in various subject classes and asked to by-heart rather than emphasising for the understanding of the concept. Every parent wants to meet their unfulfilled dreams through their kids and Competition is the most commonly word used as an excuse to keep the kids engaged wherein neither the childhood is cherished nor the right stimuli given for their overall development.The children should be made to enjoy learning and not view learning as a burden or unavoidable chore. Diverting a blossoming kid’s route from its real interest may be a heavy tax.

When we started observing these scenarios day by day, we thought and believed that there is a need to have value integration where child is encouraged to ask questions, explore its own creativity and excel to such an extent where he/she could represent as a role model to the society and see how best the education that they have received can be put in life.Preschool education transmits more abstract qualities such as critical thinking skills,healthy living,resilience and self-confidence. With this strong purpose,Sambhrama is been conceived to integrate key elements; parent - faculty -methodology to bestow children with life skills that will enable them to prosper later in life. It equips children with the skills to maintain a healthy and productive existence, to grow into resourceful and socially active adults, and build the future generation which is individualistic,creative and strong and directing them towards their eventual role in the society.

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