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Role of a pre-school in early childhood development - Education for Life

Maria Montessori says,It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to teach child the chance to fulfil his potential possibilities.” 

For the tiny tots, care and education cannot be separated. Children learn through play and learn best when receiving quality care. If you are the parent of a preschooler or planning to admit your angel to the preschool you need to ask yourself why you should care about preschool learning. So many of the factors affecting the success of a child’s formal education start well before formal schooling. Children's early learning influences their entire life.

This is how we think a pre-school can contribute to a child’s overall development:
  • The skills and knowledge that a child develops in the preschool years will have a remarkable impact on the child’s success in the later stages.
  • Pre-school education enables:
    • children to to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn; supports children’s intellectual and language development and communication skills;
    • develops social and emotional maturity and the ability to relate well to peers and adults,
    • solve conflicts, and be assertive; enables children and families the opportunity to belong, to be part of a community, and connect with others.
    • a gradual transition from home to more formal educational environments; at the centre of the community; responsiveness  to cultural diversity; and an atmosphere that fosters social, emotional and regulatory skills.
  • Preschool like SAMBHRAMA, believes in integrating the aspect of freedom into its methodology which helps the child grow into an eager lifelong learner.
  • It is important that a child learns early that the world does not revolve around him alone, and it helps the child learn that we live in a world full of many different kinds of people.
SAMBHRAMA believes the child to possess the main positive qualities like being confident, independent, and the quality of empathy. It’s a place of warmth welcoming  where connections are made and relationships are built. The place where the families, children and visitors feel welcome and valued. 

What are the other factor you would like to add to the list? Do comment below.

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