Monday, 22 April 2013

Feelings when dreams come true!!!

It’s a delightful moment when you experience your dreams coming true. The joys have no boundaries.

It was on the auspicious day of UGADI/GUDI PADAVA,the 11th of April when I experienced my dreams being realized. Yes, the dream of coming up with my own venture into Kindergarten Schooling. Its named as SAMBHRAMA,as the name says it all, its indeed about celebrations!!! Celebrating innocent smiles, celebrating learning, celebrating plays, celebrating the taste of food, celebrating the warmth of teachers and many more. 

The opening ceremony was blessed with Satyanarayan Puja and with the best wishes of all present. The entire premises was lit up with beautiful and colourful lighting, the aroma of the incense sticks and flowers, the negativity being washed away by neem leaves and replaced positivity with jaggery and jingles of the wind chimes. And not to forget the beautiful rangoli was designed with the school logo by a friend, the strong helping hand by the entire staff. The presence of all the adults and the little tots enhanced the grace of the function. I feel this could not been better because everything was so much right in place. I convey my gratitude to all who have been supportive and will continue to be.

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